For almost 3 decades Filmhaus Vienna has worked with the international, domestic commercial and film industry to produce a wide range of films to please its audience. Since its inception Filmhaus Vienna has always made the impossible happen to ensure that only work of the highest quality is produced – without losing sight of the business aspect and maintaining a professional and long lasting relationship with its clients.

Along this shared journey of business and creativity and close relation to the pool of artistic management in Los Angeles, we had the good fortune to work with many outstanding collaborators, and we are proud they helped us in various projects and adventures – people like Thomas Kloss, Ed Lachmann, Richard Linklater – and very well picked strong creative young talents and many more!

With the support of our worldwide offices and our exemplary staff, we are developing material together with different production companies, always striving to have outstanding talent on board and pushing the boundaries. This extraordinary talent pool helps us for every single production to become unique – resulting in award-winning commercials, great work and strong partnerships.

Our history of awards and nominations provides us with the confidence to steadily improve our standards and raise the bar for our production values. At this moment, Filmhaus Group is producing 4 feature films, 9 documentaries and some artistic commercials every month.