Blue Danube Cowboy – Udo Proksch Trailer

The story of Udo Proksch is one that was almost forgotten but luckily not lost. The director Robert Dornhelm was the one in charge of bringing this man back to life. The life of a notorious mastermind, artist, villain, socialite and casanova. Udo Proksch was a man who danced with the angels and celebrated with the demons. No one really knew what he was up to and on which side of the law he was on. He had connections to weapons dealers and drug traffickers and at the same time enjoyed a lifestyle along side the celebrities and the politicians that ruled our nation. He was a man for women, loving them and creating for them, drawing from them as inspiration and beyond that he was a figure that no one could predict. Celebrated and glorified, later on hunted and arrested. His life was a rollercoaster that he rode with joy and enthusiasm. He was loved by many and hated by others but he left a mark on the Viennese scenery like few had done before him and this is a look into what made him into the Blue Danube Cowboy.

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